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Play Games Anywhere

Stream games remotely - Powered by peer hosted remote computers and the Moonlight Client. See this user manual for more information.

Step 1:

Setup ReCon

Download the ReCon application and register an account.

Step 2:

Browse Remote Computers

Search for available computers that meet your needs.

Step 3:

Connect & Play

Connect to a remote machine and start playing your favourite games.

Host Your Machine

Start earning money from your unused computers. See this guide for more information.

Step 1:

Setup ReCon

Download the ReCon application and register an account.

Step 2:

Start Hosting

Complete a first-time setup to begin hosting your computer.

Step 3:

Earn Passive Income

Gamers pay to use your computer to game.

About Us

Revolutionizing Gaming

ReCon is the first marketplace for peer-to-peer desktop streaming. For gamers, our goal is to make video games accessible and affordable, so you can play what you want, when you want, how you want.

Hosts and those with powerful computers: we want you to join ReCon App! Our platform provides an opportunity for you to earn passive income while your computer is idle.

Interested? Download the ReCon App and join the gaming revolution today!


What our Customers Say

Here’s what our users have to say about ReCon


“Finding ReCon allowed me to play games with my friends smoothly, so I can join in without fussing about hardware.”


Lucy DeCruz

Masters Student, age 25

Social Gamer


“Setting up hosting with ReCon was easy and secure thanks to their setup guide. Best of all, hosting has given me passive income with a one-time setup.”


John Naranja

Software Engineer, age 37


“ReCon has given me the freedom of a powerful setup without any of the transportation costs.”


Andrew Davidson

Second-year Student, age 20

Diamond II in League of Legends


Any Questions? Answered

Find answers to your frequently asked questions here.

It's 100% free to host your computer on ReCon. You don't need to pay any fee to begin hosting. ReCon will take a 7.5% cut from what you earn as service fees.
ReCon is a marketplace where you can find PCs to game on. You pay an hourly rate decided by the host.
ReCon hosting is 100% safe. It is our No.1 priority to make sure that your computer is secure while it is being hosted on ReCon. Some steps we take to guarantee safety includes: setup of a secure Windows account with limited permissions, periodic screen capturing to report the user's activity and more.
ReCon is fundamentally different from other cloud gaming services because we are not a cloud gaming service. ReCon is a marketplace that provides a platform for gamers to share their PCs. Because of this, we offer wider game selection, better hardware flexibility, and most importantly a community where you can connect to anywhere.

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